Who am I ?

Hello World !!! In this post I'm going to give a simple Introduction about myself !!!


 My name is Moses Chandramouli and I was born on 8th November, 2000 and grew up till my 12th grade in a small village called Pangur which is located in the Union Territory of Puducherry, India.

Geographically our village is in a strange position - Village belongs to Puducherry District of Puducherry but our pin code belongs to Villupuram district of Tamil Nadu. As you might have guessed, my mother tongue is Tamil.


 I'm genuinely interested in anything and everything. I read about all the topics but half of the time it'll be centered around Business, Computer Science, Mathematics, Economics, Geography and Technology. I have written many blog posts starting from 2014, started many websites but eventually deleted everything.

Once I used to play sports like anything but now I'm mostly into my laptop and tablet. I'm very much interested in solving real problems and monetizing it.


 I studied my whole life in one school - Achariya Siksha Mandir, Puducherry. Dropped one year for JEE preparation and studied in FIITJEE, Chennai. Currently I'm pursuing B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering at National Institute of Technology Puducherry, Karaikal.

Other than that, I have a 2 star knowledge on Web Development and Digital Marketing. For those who have confusion in my name, my Father is Hindu and my Mother is a Christian and that is why I have a mixed name. That's all for now.
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