Which is my correct social media account ?

There's this confusion on which is my original social media account and which is not. In this post I'll clarify that shortly.

You see I have been using the Internet for a long while now. I don't know if it's the teenage hormone thing or something else, I created multiple social media accounts in multiple platforms which at times is really confusing even for me. So, here you go . I'll list all the accounts and mark the main accounts as Primary.

1. Blogger - Primary | Dead
2. Facebook - Primary | Dead
3. Instagram - Primary
4. LinkedIn - Primary
5. Medium - Primary
6. Pinterest - Primary | Dead
7. Quora - Primary | Dead
8. Reddit - Primary
9. Twitter - Primary | Dead
10. Youtube - Primary | Dead

If you code,

GitHub - Primary
FreeCodeCamp - Primary

Any further confusion, contact me :)
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